The President of Malta

Official talks were held this evening between President George Vella and President Borut Pahor of Slovenia at Sant’Anton Palace. President Pahor is in Malta to participate at the ‘Arraiolos’ Meeting for Non-Executive Heads of State of the European Union, which is being hosted by President Vella tomorrow, 6th October.

During this meeting, the two presidents discussed a number of themes that would also be covered during the plenary sessions of the ‘Arraiolos’ meeting with their other colleagues. The situation in Ukraine was discussed at length from the geopolitical and energy security perspectives. The need for unity was underlined by both presidents. Migration on the Central Mediterranean route and the scenario in the Western Balkans were also up for discussion. The Presidents exchanged views on the wide-ranging effects of climate change with the run-up to COP27 summit being mentioned in this regard.

The Arraiolos Malta Meeting will be the last one that President Pahor is attending, as he approaches the end of his term.

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