The President of Malta

Diskors mill-E.T. George Vella, President ta’ Malta waqt iċ-ċerimonja tal-għoti tal-premijiet tar-‘Rolex Middle Sea Race’ organizzata mir-Royal Malta Yacht Club, Dar il-Mediterran għall-Konferenzi, Valletta, 30 ta’ Ottubru, 2021 (Diskors bl-Ingliż)

Honourable Ministers


Commodore David Cremona

Vice Commodore Anna Rossi

Rear Commodore Georges Bonello DuPuis

Distinguished Guests

It is a pleasure to be here with you at the Prize Giving Ceremony of the 42nd Rolex Middle Sea Race.  The venue is also most fitting.  Built by the Knights of St John who were master sailors, the Sacra Infermeria as it was known, saved many lives including of those injured at sea.

Throughout its history, Malta has always been a seafaring country.  Blessed with natural harbours, it still is a haven for those who have a love for the sea.  As you all could have witnessed, the Grand harbour and Marsamxett Port, offer majestic views from both land and sea. 

The prestigious Rolex Middle Sea Race brings all this historic grandeur back to life.  As we saw your yachts sailing out of port and eventually returning safely back in, it is like re-living centuries old scenes of faring vessels of different kinds and purposes and ports bustling with life.

I want to commend the Royal Malta Yacht Club for organising the Rolex Middle Sea Race for yet another year.  124 yachts from 25 countries with over 1000 crew.  The numbers[1] speak for themselves and I understand that it is not an easy feat.  Yet, it is very satisfying to see so many nationalities gathered here and concurring for this event.

One of the most interesting parts of the race since its inception in 1968 was its multicultural aspect.  So many people with different backgrounds and languages sharing a common love for the sport. 

And like in any other team sport, we have seen your remarkable resilience and endurance, which unlike most other sports, has also to face the elements, which at times are inclement, and puts to the test the knowledge, the physical and the spirit of the crew.  

In this regard, you are the best example to many people out there, especially the young, of what true camaraderie and willingness to continue pressing along no matter the hardships, can truly achieve. 

Not just in sport, but also in our everyday lives. 

I therefore thank you all participants for reminding us of this, especially when considering the difficult times, we all have endured, imposed by the restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic brought along with it.

On this point, I have to praise once again the work and effort that the Royal Malta Yacht Club together with other clubs are putting into offering the possibility for children and young adults to experience and grow in this sport.  It definitely serves to form character and to foster lasting friendships.

I want to express my final words of appreciation to you all skippers and crew for participating in this year’s edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, especially the Lines Honours Winner and the Overall Winner, Mitch Booth on his boat ‘Comanche’.  As well as the Best Performing Maltese Boat, the ‘Artie III’ led by Lee Satariano.

For those coming from other countries, it was an honour for Malta to be your host for the past few days and we do encourage you to participate again in future editions of the race.

Thank you.

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