The President of Malta

Another initiative by the President to promote greater appreciation of Malta’s historic heritage


In line with his commitment to fostering greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Maltese culture and history, President of Malta George Vella is continuing with his initiatives to increase accessibility to and public awareness on three historic sites – the Palace in Valletta, Sant’Anton Palace, and Verdala Palace – which the Presidency itself is directly responsible for.

As from this Sunday, in collaboration with the public broadcaster PBS, the Presidency will launch the second season of Mill-Palazz, an outreach media project to be screened on TVM with the aim of introducing viewers to the Verdala Palace. Season One, which was screened between October 2020 and June 2021, featured Sant’Anton Palace.

Mill-Palazz will celebrate Malta’s cultural identity in varied ways – including Maltese literature readings, mostly inspired by the natural environment, will be read by special guests including the authors themselves. Traditional Maltese song – għana – will also feature, inspired by the contents of the Verdala Palace. Traditionally, għana would have featured prominently during the Mnarja festivities happening close by at Buskett on the feast of Apostle Saints Peter and Paul.

The Verdala Palace was built by Grand Master Cardinal Hugh Loubenx de Verdalle in the 1580s. In the new series, the Palace itself will take us back in time, share memories of visitors and travellers from times gone by, and focus on stories and anecdotes that explain the history of the place from the times of the Order of St John to the British period on to modern times. The stories told by the Palace will also explore the vicinities, particularly Buskett, a historic natural habitat that was once the hunting grounds for successive grand masters.

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