The President of Malta

The Presidency Culture Symposia

The Presidency Culture Symposia Series

The Office of the President is launching a series of cultural symposia aimed at exploring and explaining Malta’s unique historical and cultural ties with important partners. The Presidency Culture Symposia Series will also endeavour to position culture as a diplomatic tool in the hands of the highest Office of the State, while fostering dialogue and cultural exchanges between peer experts and researchers in both countries and beyond.

President of Malta George Vella said; “The exchange of ideas, information, art, language, and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples fosters mutual understanding. The arts, science, culture, and music have contributed both jointly and single-handedly at fostering common histories. Indeed, the legacy is indelible, albeit oftentimes occasionally shrouded in the mist of time. Most is known and published. Other facets, which these symposia hold promise to present and celebrate, are less known.”

Those interested in participating may register by sending an email at ​

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