The President of Malta

Four magistrates take the oath of office


Dr Kevan Azzopardi, Dr Gianella Camilleri Busuttil, Dr Abigail Critien and Dr Joseph Gatt took the oath of office as magistrates during a ceremony led by the President of Malta George Vella at Sant’Anton Palace where he reminded them that they are “adjudicators everywhere, not only on the Court bench.”

President Vella said that these appointments in the judiciary are concretely strengthening resources in Courts and consolidating Malta’s credentials in the fields of the rule of law and good governance. Reminding the new adjudicators to always be guided by the principles of impartiality, integrity and transparency, the President stressed on the link between justice and equality in society.

“I ask you to keep in mind your fundamental role of safeguarding and protecting the vulnerable and those who do not have the faculty to safeguard themselves. Full access to justice must apply to everyone, including disadvantaged individuals and those who may require special needs. No exceptions,” said President George Vella while congratulating them on their new positions and duties.

“As adjudicators, society expects complete independence, from any interference, influence, or external pressure, so that your work is done in absolute serenity, which requires decisions that greatly impact the whole society,” stressed President Vella, while encouraging them to do their best in order to strengthen the administration of justice in Malta through their work.

Present for the oath of office ceremony were Prime Minister Robert Abela, Minister for Justice Jonathan Attard, State Advocate Chris Soler, and Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti.

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