The President of Malta

“I encourage you to remain united and keep your ties with Malta” – the President’s appeal to the Maltese community in Michigan


President George Vella commended the Maltese community in Michigan, the United States, for keeping Maltese culture and traditions alive in their daily lives. “Back in Malta, we are all proud of you and of your achievements”, said the President while addressing the Maltese community at The Maltese American Community Club of Dearborn and at The Maltese American Benevolent Society in Detroit.

President Vella said that traditions are important because they maintain unity among the community. Therefore, he stated that it would be a pity if Maltese customs lose their importance. “I am sure that you will manage to keep them alive, because even though you live beyond our shores, you remain Maltese at heart,” remarked President Vella, while encouraging them to remain united.

In the state of Michigan lives the largest Maltese community in the United States: more than 13,000 people of Maltese descent, many of whom are second, third, and possibly even fourth Maltese generation. In his speech, which he opened with a few words in Maltese, the President encouraged the Maltese community to continue using the Maltese language to communicate with each other, where possible, especially with younger generations. “Our language is a unique treasure that we all – you included – need to safeguard it”, appealed the President, while inviting the Maltese community to follow and get involved in the ‘l-ilsien Malti għal qalbi’ campaign.

Present at the gatherings were Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, Senator Darrin Camilleri, and Michigan Supreme Court Judge Brian K. Zahra, all of Maltese descent who have made a name for themselves and in their professional field. The President stated that over the years, diligence, kindness, and determination have continued to stand out in the Maltese diaspora, not only in the state of Michigan but all around the world.

The Maltese community in Michigan celebrates Maltese American Heritage Day, which was established by a resolution at the initiative of Senator Darrin Camilleri.

President Vella was accompanied by the Minister for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality, Byron Camilleri.

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