Core Platform

The Mission of CORE Platform is:
“To promote, to debate, to raise awareness about and to disseminate the concepts of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility and to be a platform of exchange and mutual learning among members, its associates, civil society and other partners at national and international levels”

The main objectives of CORE Platform are:
– To promote the concept of Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting debate, awareness, dissemination and the activities developed by members and other parties searching for wide collaborations with local communities and with NGOs;
– To promote exchange and mutual learning among all members and its associates, promoting a Forum of discussion and exchange of good practices, national and international by organising national and international events in cooperation with its members;
– To provide, where appropriate, services to members and its associates in the areas related to the objectives of the Association;
– To promote the development of innovative joint projects in all the areas related with CSR and sustainable development;
– To develop and organise CSR Awards and promote events for their distribution, namely in the context of the European Awards recognised by CSR Europe.

Through the supporting of activities, CORE Platform will aim to develop stronger bonds between businesses, NGOs and communities. CORE Platform will support experiences of exchange and mutual
learning amongst members and stakeholders at national and international levels.
CORE Platform is under the patronage of H.E. The President of Malta. It is also a member of CSR Europe and is their National Partner Organisation in Malta. CRS Europe is chaired by IBM Europe and has more than 40 CSR Organisations in more than 30 European countries.

Some of the local and European projects CORE Platform is engaged in include:
Volunteer Sliema
Volunteer Sliema is a Partnership between SOS Malta and the Core Platform and is supported by Sliema Local Council and Capua Hospital. This multi-stakeholder local partnership will develop an innovative community based response to the needs of vulnerable elderly people to ensure a reduction of their social exclusion, whilst contributing to a reawakening of the spirit of self giving and active citizenship within the community through the development of a local volunteer scheme. This project will be a flagship project to celebrate 25 years of SOS Malta. This project will seek to ensure vulnerable elderly and people with a physical disability feel more mobile and able to access health care and essential services, as well as engage in leisure and community activities. Additionally, the project will seek to provide emotional support to these groups of people through the creation of a Community Volunteers Network.
This pilot project will build upon both the existing VolServ project and Tal-Kultura – the volunteer programme for Valletta 2018, which currently together have approximately 500 volunteers. The scheme will also utilise the existing the SOS Malta car and the wealth of volunteer management experience SOS Malta holds and will contribute to the SOS Malta core pillar of work of social inclusion and solidarity with vulnerable groups. The proposed pilot project would take place in Sliema. This area is one of the main shopping hubs with a wide catchment area.

The project will include 3 key elements:
1. The development of a local volunteer network of 20-30 volunteers to ensure a pool of support for the elderly;

2. The development of a community transport scheme to promote the mobility of the elderly and those with a disability;

3. The establishment of a local stakeholder network who support the implementation of the scheme.

Tackling Gender Stereotypes in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
CORE Platform, together with CSR Europe and 14 other National Partner Organisations, has embarked on a mission to address the stereotyping of education and career choices relating to STEM and to dissolve the persisting imbalance in the STEM field.
Project activities include:
1. Setting up of business-education partnerships to deliver awareness-raising activities for 13-19 year-old students, their parents, and company representatives to address and question stereotypes and attract women into male-dominated STEM sectors; 2. Developing a toolkit and provision of training for national partner organisations on how to set-up business-education partnerships on STEM and gender Stereotypes; 3. Having an impact assessment of activities;
4. Facilitating a learning network for companies at both national and EU level that aims to improve the impact of a company’s STEM programme (with an emphasis on tackling gender stereotypes).  5. Developing and providing training, online courses and a guide for teachers so that they are equipped with all the tools necessary to combat gender stereotypes.

Supporting the President’s Trust Employment Initiative and the President’s Foundation, and projects at a local level
CORE Platform is currently supporting the President’s Trust in its Employment Initiative, which aims to help young people, who are coming from difficult backgrounds and are going through personal challenges, find employment in Malta.
CORE Platform is also helping the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society in two main projects. These include the redesigning and embellishment of the Palliative Ward at the Oncology Centre at Mater Dei Hospital, as well as the renovation of the gardens at Mt Carmel Hospital in Attard.
In addition, CORE Platform is working with the Maltese local councils in the setting up of playing fields in the various localities found around the Islands, which would serve as safe hubs and recreation zones for children in the area.

EU Talent – Business in Europe Hosting Apprenticeships for Youth
Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), have a big role and potential in combating youth unemployment by providing development and employment opportunities, such as offering apprenticeships. SMEs however often lack information, resources and/or experience in providing high quality apprenticeships. To support SMEs, this project aims to create support structures in the form of European & national learning networks.
The key objectives include:
1. Increasing awareness on the benefits of apprenticeships
2. Increasing opportunities for uptake of apprenticeships
3. Improving the quality of the apprenticeships
4. Identifying and remove policy obstacles to engage in apprenticeships

This project, led by CSR Europe, will cover 12 countries directly through collaboration with 13 of its national partners, including CORE Platform, which are split into 6 high engagement partners (representing 5 countries) and 7 soft engagement ones, including Malta.

The strategic direction of the project will be supported by the expertise of one strategic partner, EVTA (European Vocational Training Association, EVTA) and one associate partner EUROCHAMBRES. The Executive Committee of CORE Platform is comprised of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry (President), GRTU – Chamber of SMEs (Secretary), SOS Malta (Treasurer), the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, the Malta Employers’ Association, the Malta Business Bureau, BoV Foundation, Alfred Mizzi Foundation, TUMAS Foundation, Farsons Foundation, and AX Holdings Ltd.

Helga Ellul – President
Helga Ellul was the Chief Executive Officer of Playmobil Malta Ltd until 2012. The company was set up in 1971 and currently employs over 1,000 people. Helga later set up a consultancy company Advise Ltd, and is board member and Chairman of various local businesses. She has also held various posts on boards of both constituted bodies and governmental organisations. She served as the Deputy Chairman of the Employment & Training Corporation between 1990 and 1996 and was President of the Foundation for Human Resources Development between 1995 and 2003.

Helga was the first female President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, with her tenure ending in March 2011. She was awarded the ‘Medalja għall-Qadi tar-Repubblikà in 1994 and received the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit on behalf of the German President by the German Ambassador Bernd Braun in 2011.
Helga is married to Joseph A. Ellul and has two children, Christian and Chiara, and two grandchildren Maya and Thomas. Her family has always been her top priority and her biggest achievement has been to combine career and family.

Matteo Privitelli – Executive
Matteo joined CORE Platform in May 2016. He is in charge of the administration of the organisation and helps in the setting up and coordination of events and meetings. He is also directly involved in the management of any projects that CORE Platform undertakes.
Matteo graduated from the University of Malta with a B.A. (Hons) in International Relations in 2011 and a M.A. in Diplomatic Studies in 2013. He is currently reading for a second M.A. in Hospitaller Studies. Apart from this, in 2013, he also graduated from the Institute for Tourism Studies as a Professional Tour Guide of the Maltese Islands.
Before joining CORE Platform, Matteo worked with the Malta Business Bureau and, briefly, with the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association.

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