The President of Malta

Mater Dei Hospital frontliners share their experiences with the President of Malta


President of Malta George Vella listened to the experiences of Mater Dei Hospital frontliners about the last year of the COVID-19 pandemic, during a thanksgiving dinner which, due to the current restrictions, was held for a limited number of their representatives at the Verdala Palace.

In the first such event, with the theme ‘Nerġgħu niltaqgħu’ (Meeting Again), the President thanked all the hospital staff on behalf of the nation for their relentless work and contribution to the challenging circumstances that have hit the whole world. “I express my appreciation to you, who have worked together as a large family and who, as one chain, have built an element of trust in the whole nation,” said the President, who explained how the dialogue and cooperation between frontliners were the key that led to success during the height of the pandemic.

Calling for caution, President Vella said that since the pandemic we have learned how important every job is. and expressed appreciation for the loyalty that health frontliners have shown towards the values of their profession, based on empathy, responsibility, and absolute respect for the value of human life.

In a few words on the occasion, Chief Executive of Mater Dei Hospital Celia Falzon expressed her satisfaction for the level of competence, love and commitment shown by all the staff of Mater Dei Hospital towards their work.

Among the interventions made by the frontliners present, there were those from workers from the Infectious Disease Unit, others who worked closely on swab tests and vaccinations, others from the Intensive Therapy Unit, as well as from customer care. The President listened to their experiences, shaped by the emotions of fear, discouragement, and uncertainty they have felt over the past months.

Expressing gratitude for each and every one of the frontliners present, the President said that other such dialogues will be held in the coming weeks with frontliners from other areas who during the pandemic were at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19.

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