The President of Malta

“NAO officers are a good example of professional and ethical standards” – the President


President George Vella expressed his appreciation for the essential and invaluable work carried out by the National Audit Office – NAO. During the launch of the book “State Audit in Times of Transition – Reflections on Change and Continuity, Challenge and Opportunity from Malta and Beyond” published by the NAO on the 25th anniversary of its establishment, President Vella observed the maturity of the recommendations and criticism with each report published by the NAO.

The best reward, said the President, that the Auditor General, the Deputy Auditor General and the NAO staff get is that they are trusted by the people. “Over the past 25 years stands out, firstly, the independence of the Office, which is crucial and important because such Office cannot run successfully if it is not totally independent. The second thing is the absolute integrity of whoever is running the Office and of the reports issued therein, which stand out because of their objectivity”, said the President while noting that the trust enjoyed by the NAO is completely deserved.

In the primary and essential role in a democracy, said the President, the National Audit Office is part of an important transition underway in our country. He added that together with local and international stakeholders, the NAO continued to adapt to arising challenges such as social and economic inequalities, political tensions, the devastating consequences of a pandemic, the international order disrupted by wars and conflicts and their effect on energy and food insecurity.

President Vella said that against this backdrop of global uncertainties, citizens look for a point of reference that offers stability and permanence. Therefore, added the President, the excellent record of the NAO goes beyond the simple performance of its daily work and is fundamental to the collective sense of trust of the people.

“Another aspect of the NAO’s work that impresses me is its contribution to further strengthening the international profile of our country”, said the President. In their work and discussions with foreign partners, added the President, NAO officials are always a good example of the professional and ethical standards with which Malta deserves to be associated.

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