The President of Malta

President commends Public Service for green initiatives


During the Public Service Awards ceremony, which concluded the seventh Public Service Week, President of Malta George Vella praised the measures being taken by the Public Service to protect the environment.

He mentioned the Public Service’s efforts to be at the forefront in the country to switch its fleet of vehicles to a modern one with the lowest emissions, as well as all the work and measures it has taken to reduce the use of paper. He lauded the ‘Insebbħu Pajjiżna’ campaign, which the Public Service carried out in recent days with an aim of ensuring that our country not only recognises, but also cares for its natural beauty and architectural heritage.

On the three pillars upon which the new Public Service strategy is based – people, service, and technology – the President said that these cannot operate well if they are separated from each other because they are complementary and equally important. Noting the strong mention being made of the quality and vision of where we want the Public Service to be in the next five years, the President praised the Public Service Week, which was a success through its policy meetings from which important details and a clear vision of a strategy emerged to always keep customers at the centre by offering them a service of excellence and that exalts our country, even internationally.

“As befitting, the Public Service not only talks about its customers but also looks at its own obligations towards society”, said the President. “Undoubtedly, one of the lessons that the pandemic has taught us is that remote working, when properly managed, leads to positive results for the customer, the official, and the institution itself. Not only that: remote working will lead to less road traffic and fewer journeys. Many officials will be more satisfied. Same as when you are serving your customers not only in Valletta and in your offices but also in hubs in village centres. People will be receiving services a few steps away from their own homes.” He also endorsed the initiative so that today’s students recognise in the Public Service an opportunity for a career that can be as satisfying as others in the private sector, if not more. On behalf of the people of Malta, the President congratulated those who were given recognition and said that they stood out not only with the tangible results they were able to achieve, but also with their deeds and the example they set for the other officials in the Public Service. He expressed his wish that this occasion serves as a show of respect and appreciation to all members of the Public Service, at all levels, who make their daily contribution so that the country continues to prosper, the public continues to be served, and the administration wheel continues to provide the necessary services.

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