The President of Malta

President George Vella presents the ‘Ġieħ l-Akkademja tal-Malti’ Midalja tad-Deheb 2023 to author Charles Casha


The President of Malta George Vella presided over the investiture ceremony of the ‘Ġieħ l-Akkademja tal-Malti’ Midalja tad-Deheb (Gold Medal) 2023, which this year was awarded to Mr Charles Casha for his contributions to Maltese literature and language.

“Mr Casha’s writings revolve around truly contemporary humanity, situations, and characters. Since they are inspired by observations of everyday life, they can be considered as a reflection on human behaviour”, stated President Vella.

The President said that just as Mr Casha shaped the characters of his writings from the reality of his daily life, “we must not forget his efforts in shaping students’ characters into values that do not change according to trends or over time because for Mr Casha, as it should be, moving with the times does not mean losing good and fundamental values”.

He also augured that the characters he shaped as an educator continue to embrace the values that they learned from him.

Former recipients of ‘Ġieħ l-Akkademja tal-Malti’ Midalja tad-Deheb include Professor Oliver Friggieri, Trevor Zahra, Lina Brockdorff, Professor Manwel Mifsud and Professor Albert Borg.

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