The President of Malta

President George Vella talks with students at Queen Mary University in Gozo


The President of Malta George Vella and Mrs Miriam Vella visited the campus of the Queen Mary University in Gozo for the first time.

During a question and answer session with the students, which focused on medicine and leadership, the President told the students that medicine and politics aim to be of service to others. He talked about the need to slowly build trust by being academically prepared, listening to patients, and showing empathy. Speaking about his experiences in medicine and politics, the President remarked that transparency, honesty, and accountability are three important principles that they must follow throughout their careers.

When asked, among other things, about moral principles, the President stressed that these should not change for any reason. He mentioned his belief in life beginning at conception until natural death. Asked about the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, the President explained the increase in the cost of oncology medicines from €1 million in 2015 to €14 million last year.

Accompanied by Professor Catherine Molyneux, Deputy Dean of the Queen Mary University, the President and Mrs Vella visited the training facilities for medical students at this University where they met with some of the 245 students studying at the Queen Mary University in Gozo, 30% of whom hail from the United Kingdom.
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