The President of Malta

President George Vella visits the final preparations for l-Istrina with a new look


The President of Malta George Vella and Mrs Miriam Vella visited the Kirkop Sports Complex which on Monday 26th December will host l-Istrina 2022 with a new and fresher look between noon and midnight on local television stations.

While observing the final preparations of the entertainment area and the areas for answering phone calls and receiving pledges for The Malta Community Chest Fund, President Vella thanked all the workers and volunteers who have spent several days making preparations for the telethon.

“I am impressed that everything is almost ready, and we are now looking forward to start welcoming people with donations on Boxing Day while Miriam and I answer phone calls. I hope that despite the difficulties and the two years of pandemic, this year we will have more activity and collect the largest sum possible for The Malta Community Chest Fund,” said the President.

The Chairperson of the Board of Administrators of The Malta Community Chest Fund, Mr John Huber, said that this Christmas there is no better gift than giving a donation to help those going through a difficult time.

“There is no better gift than making a difference for a person you do not know to continue to live with dignity,” said Mr Huber while stating that this is the greatest act of charity one can do.

This year’s edition will also include an event at Villa Rundle in Victoria Gozo at the same time as l-Istrina in Kirkop.

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