Speaking at the 5th edition of the Malta Architecture and Spatial Planning Awards, before the presentation of ‘The President’s Award’ to Prof. Richard England for his outstanding contribution to Malta’s architectural landscape, President Myriam Spiteri Debono, called for more protection of arable land and to always consider the mental and physical health of the population above egocentric interests.

She remarked that the implementation of the recommendations of the Jean Paul Sofia inquiry have to be taken onboard with the utmost seriousness.

She said that authorities and stakeholders should together strive to draw up laws and regulations to have an effective system of inspections and controls, ensuring the highest standards and safety measures.

“These regulations should be aimed at making adherence thereto more easily regulated, checked, and honoured in the observance”, said President Spiteri Debono.

“The Architectural profession has evolved and at the present time the philosophy underlying it is one centred on the common good, taking into account, not only aesthetics, design, practicality and functionality, but also sustaining the natural and already built environments, together with the preservation and conservation of architectural gems inherited from past generations”, said President Spiteri Debono.


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