The President of Malta

President Vella encourages Malta’s Honorary Consuls to continue contributing to Malta’s efforts and energies in the pursuit of peace


“I encourage you to keep up the good work and continue contributing to Malta’s efforts and energies in the pursuit of peace.” President George Vella expressed this whilst addressing Malta’s Honorary Consuls at the Grand Master’s Palace in Valletta on Wednesday afternoon.

President Vella last met the Honorary Consuls representing Malta abroad back in May 2019. During his speech, the President described the meeting as all the more timely, as challenges are on the rise. “The world has undergone several shocks since we last met in this format – with a pandemic that overhauled our lives, and two ongoing wars; one in Ukraine and the other between Israel and Hamas,” said the President. He explained how these developments have impinged on global political and economic stability, affecting the work that the Honorary Consuls carry out.

President Vella urged them to think creatively about opportunities and put their suggestions forward to the Ministry and other specialised entities that could benefit from their insights. Another aspect that he invited them to pay closer attention to is, “The immense cultural heritage our islands possess, which is one of the greatest resources we can boast of.”

Speaking about multicultural realities, the President asked all those present to ensure that all potential abuses or departures from acceptable standards and norms in employment terms, accommodation and work-life balance are immediately reported to Maltese authorities. He stated that his position on this matter is a clear one – zero tolerance to any conditions that are unjust or undignified. At the same time, President Vella urged the Consuls to use their knowledge of Malta’s legal, economic, cultural, and social norms to ensure that the process of integration in Maltese communities is a smooth and seamless one.

While emphasising that Honorary Consuls serve as the primary point of contact for Maltese individuals encountering challenges or crises abroad, the President conveyed his gratitude on behalf of hundreds of Maltese nationals and their families who sought assistance, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Vella encouraged all the Honorary Consuls to keep up the same level of professionalism, competence, and trust with his successor.

In his opening address, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg showed his appreciation to the Honorary Consuls for their continuous dedication to represent Malta and assist its citizens around the world. He reaffirmed the Ministry’s commitment to support the Consuls in their endeavours, while emphasising the importance of collaboration to advancing Malta’s interests on the global scene.

Photos: OPR

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