The President of Malta

President Vella presides over the Holocaust Memorial Commemoration


During the Holocaust Memorial Commemoration at San Anton Palace, President George Vella said that one reason to commemorate the Holocaust is to guard against the possible use of today’s means of communication to help achieve a quicker and more widespread insemination of hate speech, racial discrimination, or theories of racial superiority.

He continued by explaining the second reason for commemorating the Holocaust which has always been encapsulated in the phrase ‘Never Again’. “The question arises as to whether we make this statement an assertion of fact, or simply wishful thinking,” said President Vella.

President Vella pointed out the importance to do our best by beginning with the imposition of strictest of controls when it comes to the arms industry and supply. He said that this would serve as the beginning to lessen suffering and humiliation of fellow human beings, as millions around the globe are still denied their basic human rights and the world has already seen enough of it.

Minister Bartolo said that we must learn from the evil that has happened, we must not hate each other, we must not be cruel to each other like what happened in the Holocaust. It is important to treat everyone as equal human beings and try to especially understand those who are different from us, and even those whom we do not trust.

During the commemoration, Mr Daniel Pariente conveyed a message on behalf of the Jewish Community in Malta and Rabbi Chabad recited prayer in honour and memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

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