The President of Malta

“The voluntary sector is one of the main pillars relied upon by our people” – the President of Malta during the National Volunteer Award 2022


The President of Malta George Vella said that “like small sparks, those who choose to give their time by volunteering have the chance to ignite love through small actions, but which bring big changes in the life of the respective recipients.” During the National Volunteer Award 2022 event, organised by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector, the President stated that it is worth admiring the dedication and determination shown by many individuals and groups towards a society that is more compassionate, inclusive, and which truly reflects a modern, fair, and civilised country.

“The voluntary sector is one of the main pillars relied upon by our people”, said President Vella, while appealing for more people and companies to recognize the benefits brought by volunteering and make a valuable contribution towards a fairer and more compassionate Malta. “From the health and social exclusion sector to that of environmental protection, to the upholding of religious traditions and feasts, the wide range of organisations registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations continue they give a clear picture of how vast and necessary the voluntary sector is to reach different people and targets”, added the President.

The President stressed the need for communication between various voluntary organisations. It is a great pity, said the President, to see voluntary organisations that are working for the same goal losing opportunities simply because they are not pulling on the same end of the rope. Therefore, he appealed to strengthen dialogue between local altruistic initiatives and thus avoid loss of resources or campaigns working for the same goal.

While congratulating the winners in the various categories, the President noted how such events are wonderful moments where, as a people, we not only come together to celebrate the altruistic successes of others, but each time we renew our promise towards a more compassionate society.

In her speech, Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli said that the voluntary sector is built on the inspiration of volunteers who spend every day dedicating their lives to the benefit of people or to a just cause. She said that every volunteer, nominated and winner, is an inspiration for people of all ages to be encouraged to participate and give their contribution so that the Maltese society of tomorrow will be better than that of today.

The winners are:

National Volunteer Award: Corinne Farrugia – RMJ Horse Rescue

Youth Volunteer Award: Tatiana Muscat – Multiple Sclerosis Society Malta

Volunteer Organisation Award: RMJ Horse Rescue

Corporate Volunteering Award: HSBC Malta p.l.c.

Victor Calvagna Children Volunteer Award: Matthew Farrugia – Home Away from Home

Special Award for voluntary work by an individual in the community – Fr Dionysius Mintoff – Peace Lab

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