The President of Malta



This English version is a courtesy translation of the official Press Release issued via the Department of Information.

In light of comments appearing in the media, the Office of the President would like to recall the work that has been implemented by the President of Malta, George Vella, in response to the recommendations of the Public Inquiry Board on the murder of Ms Daphne Caruana Galizia, as well as in the context of reforms that had already begun.

In an official Press release in response to the Report of the Public Inquiry, published the following day, the 30th of July 2021, the President of Malta expressly stated that he believes that the Board’s recommendations should be respected and, wherever possible, implemented.  In the same Press release, President Vella joined the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in expressing his sorrow for all that led to the assassination of Ms Caruana Galizia.

As a very important step towards national reconciliation, on the 5th of August 2021 President Vella met in private with the family members of Ms Caruana Galizia at Sant’Anton Palace.

President Vella also took note of those recommendations for changes in legislation and the adoption of new laws introducing more control measures and better protecting the rule of law. One should keep in mind that such new laws and measures do not originate from the Office of the President.

With specific reference to the recommendation on reforms and changes in the areas of journalism, broadcasting, and freedom of expression, President Vella has already held a meeting with members of the Broadcasting Authority and will meet again with the Institute of Maltese Journalists this week, following up on a meeting already held with them last April. Discussions have also taken place on the recommendation to set up a committee of experts composed of academics, experts in this field, and journalists.

The President of Malta is also leading the Constitutional Reform process which has, over the months, meant direct contact and frequent exchanges with members of the Venice Commission and members of the Commission for Constitutional Reform, with whom Constitutional reforms aimed at further strengthening the rule of law and good governance in Malta were discussed and agreed.

President George Vella reiterates his commitment to continue, with everyone’s help, to fulfil his obligations and duties as required by the Constitution.

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