The President of Malta

Speech by Prof. Frank Bezzina, Acting President of Malta, on the occasion of the Hospice Malta Annual Fundraising Dinner, 17 September 2022.

Ms Bernadette Bonnici Kind, Chairperson

Mr Kenneth Delia, CEO

Ladies and gentlemen

As we are gathered here for the annual fundraising dinner to help the noble aims of the Hospice Malta, I wish to open my speech today by expressing my most heartfelt thank you to the management, administration and voluntary teams of this organisation.

In over thirty years of promoting dignified and quality of life for all, Hospice Malta has also been an important beacon of inspiration for other organisations working in the health and care fields. You continue to be an excellent role model for our young people and enrich our country’s most valuable asset: it’s people.

In a world that has now slowly restarted economically and socially, we have a duty to ensure our palliative care services continue to reflect the needs and aspirations of the patient. Unfortunately, although we live in a more connected globe, stories of isolation and loneliness continue to be a reality. As the patient is facing life threatening health complications or dealing with the negative effects caused by degenerative diseases, it is imperative to promote an environment of reassurance and unity.  

As many of you can understand, working in the health care professions brings along huge responsibilities, difficult challenges, as well as boundless satisfaction. Thanks also to palliative care as provided by organisations like Hospice, patients continue to enjoy the warmth and affection of extended family care restoring dignity and quality of life.

That is why services as provided by Hospice are pivotal to the successes of our health services and greatly complement society’s efforts to promote a more just and benevolent society. It is only through a kind heart and committed soul that people like yourself find the determination, courage, and steed to carry on. The vocation to be of service to those most in need is not only one of the most admirable choices one can make, but is also an important tool to promote a more humane and compassionate country.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As Acting President, I can better appreciate the role of voluntary and charitable institutions to promote the well-being of society. Without taking away any merits from the professional team leading decision making and the general administration, it is the core dedicated team of volunteers and donors who continue to push forward an agenda of empathy and positive action.

I am sure that you will agree with me when I state that volunteering is not only an important element to complement national services, but is also a unique human journey of love, sacrifice, and altruism.

I am therefore grateful to all those that so promptly are ready to lend a hand.

Knowing that we, as a country, can count on the volunteers’ able and precious assistance, is in itself a source of great courage, especially when faced with financial challenges requiring constant fundraising.

Volunteers do not expect monetary renumeration.

Volunteers are paid with gratitude, and with the twinkle of hope they bring back in the patient’s eyes.

Esteemed guests,

With these concluding remarks, and without separating us any longer from a delightful meal, I wish you all a pleasant dinner.


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