The President of Malta

“Thanks to you, hospital patients have greater hope of recovery and of a better life” – the President to blood donors


President George Vella thanked blood donors for their great act of charity toward others, irrespective of the recipients. He said that they set a clear example of how social awareness helps us to not only think of personal interests, but also consider the needs of the vulnerable and those in need.

During a blood donor recognition ceremony, which took place on Wednesday evening at the Verdala Palace, President Vella remarked that one blood donation has the potential to save at least three lives that are in danger. “I am proud to say that the people of Malta have always answered in large numbers to calls for blood donors. I am pleased to add that in Malta, donors have always given blood without expecting anything in return. On the contrary, they feel proud about donating blood without knowing the recipient. On behalf of the people of Malta and Gozo, I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” the President said.

While addressing 25 blood donors who stood out in their donations, President Vella stated that, thanks to them and other donors, we have always managed to avoid a situation where the blood reserve in Malta reaches a critical state. This is despite the fact that in recent years there has been an increase in emergencies, complicated operations that require blood, and treatments of cancer cases using whole blood or its products.

The President encouraged more people to join the donors so that the blood reserve is never in danger of running out. The President appealed to everyone to talk more among themselves and encourage relatives, family, friends, and colleagues to donate blood together, even through group initiatives. “It does not cost us anything – except for a little courage, and a willingness to donate blood,” concluded the President, while also recognising the dedication and continuous efforts of the professionals working in the National Blood Transfusion Service and blood banks at Mater Dei Hospital and Gozo General Hospital.

Photos: OPR

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