The President of Malta

“The Civil Service is there for the citizen and not the other way around” – the President


On the occasion of World Public Service Day, the President of Malta George Vella said that we would be greatly diminishing the value of the Public Service if we only look at it from a local perspective and forget “its contribution for the benefit of the international community”. The President remarked that the United Nations identified this concept, and it now links the Public Service to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. He said that these range from poverty reduction, to access to health services, education, gender equality, fair economic growth, environmental protection, and the effects of climate change. “Considering that there are only eight years left, we realise how far we are and how much more work needs to be done to meet what we agreed upon several years ago”, said the President.

President Vella added that a balance must be struck between these goals and the immediate priorities, such as the current turmoil in prices, warehousing, and international transport due to the war in Ukraine, so that the years’ worth of work on this long-term global vision is not irreparably lost or disrupted. The President told the highest representatives of the Public Service that, through their roles, they could set an example of how to strike this balance. Among other things, he mentioned full collaboration with the private sector, constituted bodies, NGOs, and civil society.

Regarding Malta’s future functions within the United Nations Security Council from next January, the President urged the highest representatives of the Public Service to continue to build their contacts and networks with foreign colleagues. He described this as an ideal circumstance to continue to raise Malta’s international profile.

While thanking all the employees and workers of the Public Service, President Vella said that they have a valuable role to play in improving our country and safeguarding the interests of citizens. “The contact between public officials and citizens is very important and is truly appreciated when needed, especially in times of difficulty, where the procedures may not be clear, or where citizens are not familiar with digital systems”, said the President. The President added that officials are the core of a dynamic, efficient, and fair Public Sector.

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