The President of Malta

The President appeals for the information resulting from the ‘State of the nation’ to be utilised for the benefit of society


“I sincerely appeal to you for this valuable information to be utilized for the benefit of society and does not end up in the drawer as a simple academic exercise. The ball is in your court. We have provided you with this tool to be used”, stated the President of Malta, George Vella, at the end of the third edition of the ‘State of the nation’ Conference.

He explained that the Conference enables us to take a ‘picture’ of ourselves and we must now draw conclusions and determine how to move from words to action.

He then addressed the leaders, politicians, authorities, academics, civil society, economic operators and all those who can contribute and explained that they have the responsibility not to lose the interest, knowledge and motivation that prominently emerged through this initiative.

The President also appealed to all entities and individuals who feel they can contribute, to do so in a spirit of cooperation and not competition. “Our collective interest, and that of future generations, depends on all of us today and not tomorrow”, said the President.

He then promised all necessary support where and when the need is felt for this initiative to continue.

The President concluded his speech by thanking the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition for sharing their thoughts.

He also thanked former Prime Ministers Sant and Gonzi, all the speakers who took an active part in this Conference, the members of the public who participated in the survey, and all those who contributed to once again make this Conference a success.

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