The President of Malta

The President continues to listen to the citizens through their representatives at local government level


The President’s work continues to be brought closer to the citizens and residents, as this time President of Malta George Vella listened to the experiences of the mayors of the local councils forming part of the Reġjun Ċentru.

The President explained how the purpose of these meetings is to listen to the concerns of the citizens’ representatives at local level. He noted the common message from the mayors of this region, in particular on construction, traffic and air pollution issues.

He spoke of his intention to involve local councils in the work of the Foundation for National Unity to, “Raise more awareness of how we can work together to solve our common problems”.

President of the Reġjun Ċentru Michael Fenech Adami expressed his appreciation for the invitation from the President of Malta so that representatives of the Reġjun Ċentru could have their voices heard on present realities, including the environment.

For his part, Mario Fava, President of the Local Councils’ Association, said that, “The Presidency is showing confidence and hope that local councils can play their part in national unity and set an example in this regard”.

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