The President of Malta

The President describes Caritas Malta’s graduation ceremony as a celebration of ‘collective effort’


President George Vella said that the 12 people who have successfully completed Caritas Malta’s residential therapeutic programme are a reflection of collective work, so that today they have the helm and a better compass to overcome the challenges that life offers.

President Vella reiterated that the problem of addiction often develops due to other related or personal problems. “Therefore, with absolute respect, I believe that the voice of those who develop an addiction due to the use of a substance or other behaviours such as gambling, should remain the focal point on which we draft our social policies”, said the President. He added that dialogue and respect between those involved in the rehabilitation process are crucial tools for “the seed of hope that started to sprout months, if not years, before, to find a fair environment to develop into a new flower that opens and blooms.”

The President told the 11 men and one woman who have successfully completed the programme that they should be very proud not only of this achievement, but even more of the new projects and friendships that they will develop from this point forward. Today’s ceremony, said the President, is not the end, but the beginning of another phase in their lives, where they will be stronger because of all the things they have learned during the Caritas Malta programme. Should any of them slip back into addiction, the President told them that they will once again find everyone with open arms to help them get back on their feet away from addiction.

Thanking all the Caritas Malta staff, the President said that one must admire their professionalism combined with their determination to drive those who have lost their way towards a more complete and healthy life. “Together with other health and education professionals, you are becoming an important beacon in the lives of many people and a role model for younger generations”, said the President.

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