The President of Malta

The President expresses the importance of a multilateralism approach in foreign affairs


President of Malta George Vella has expressed his concern on populism while pointing out the importance of a multilateral approach in foreign affairs.

President Vella brought up these issues while addressing guests at an event organised by the Embassy of Malta in Germany to mark the 57th anniversary of Malta’s independence.

“Both Malta and Germany have at heart the multilateral approach in foreign affairs”, President Vella said. He explained how the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic further reinforced this belief and emphasised the importance of unity in such challenges. He said that multilateralism allows countries to come together to achieve common objectives.

“We cannot allow populism to divide us”, added the President, while explaining the importance of coming together to find solutions that respect human dignity and ensure the security and protection for every country.

President Vella took the opportunity to explain more about the setting up of the Foundation for National Unity, whose ultimate objective is the people themselves. “I have the citizens in mind”, continued the President, while stating that the Foundation is going to be created for them and that the citizens themselves are the ones that will contribute towards, and gain from, its growth and vision.

The President concluded by expressing his thanks to the German President for having hosted him and the Embassy of Malta to Germany for their cooperation in planning this visit.

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