The President of Malta

The President of Malta confers ‘The Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards’


​​‘The Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards’ serve as an excellent occasion to acknowledge the very important role that businesswomen play in our economy and community, whilst serving as an example for others to follow. This was stated by President of Malta, George Vella during ‘The Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards’ ceremony held at the Casino Maltese.

HSBC Bank Malta launched the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Awards in 2018 to help promote and recognise the excellence of women who have achieved significant success in business.

The President congratulated all businesswomen in Malta, including those who have not been nominated and foreign ones present in Malta, for facing unprecedented challenges throughout a merciless pandemic which has affected the employment situation of women worldwide.

In his speech, the President explained that, as a result of COVID-19, women’s unemployment figures have drastically increased when compared to men, resulting in a further widening of the gender poverty gap. This was also a result of the increased higher care responsibilities in the family unit, the reduced access to digital means, as well as the varying degrees of mental health issues amongst other factors. Above all, he urged more companies to introduce family-friendly measures such as “remote working or flexible hour schedules that enable women to find a balance between work and home responsibilities” and hands-on solutions that promote gender balance and equal opportunities during and after the pandemic.

Simon Vaughan Johnson, CEO of HSBC Bank Malta, said that this year’s nominees showed that the Maltese community is rich in success stories of women and hopes that more women will be inspired by the awardees of this ceremony. To conclude, Mr Vaughan Johnson presented a Memento Trophy to the President as a token of appreciation.

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