The President of Malta

The President of Malta presides over a full credentials ceremony following easing of Covid-19 restrictions


After several months following a restricted credentials ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic, on Thursday, the 30th of September, the President of Malta was able to hold a full credentials ceremony.

The first to present her Letters of Credence was Ambassador of the French Republic Agnès Von Der Mühll. Exchanges of a bilateral nature focussed mainly on the intensification of contacts in the trade, tourism, and cultural sectors. On this latter point, President Vella and Ambassador Von Der Mühll agreed that there is great potential which should be tapped. One very successful exercise in this regard was the Malta-France Cultural Symposium that the Office of the President organised in close collaboration with the Embassy of France in May this year.

The importance of stability in the Mediterranean, particularly in North Africa, was emphasised by the two interlocutors, also in connection with the broader stability of the European Union. Common concerns on migration, climate change and sustainable development were also discussed.

Following the Ambassador of the French Republic was Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia Ket Sophann, who presented his Letters of Credence to President George Vella. The Ambassador remarked upon Malta’s outstanding history and cultural heritage, which he said would surely be of interest to visitors from Cambodia. At the same time, he underlined Cambodia’s satisfaction at the increasing volume of Maltese tourists over these past years.

President Vella invited the Ambassador to look at all possible avenues of co-operation, also through bilateral mechanisms and agreements.

It was then the turn of High Commissioner of Barbados Milton Inniss to present his Letters of Commission to President Vella.

President Vella observed that, despite the geographical distance, Malta positively notes the establishment of cordial diplomatic ties with Barbados. As small island states and as members of the Commonwealth, there is ample scope for the strengthening of relations between the two countries.

High Commissioner Inniss agreed with President Vella that climate change is a global challenge which requires international action and cooperation.

Both President Vella and High Commissioner Inniss welcomed the conclusion of a new Partnership Agreement between the European Union and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States.

During a working luncheon with the respective Ambassadors and High Commissioner, President Vella encouraged them all to further explore the many possibilities that Malta has to offer and urged them to visit the country as often as possible. President Vella added that Malta is a keen supporter of multilateralism, and explained that a multilateral approach to global issues and crises is beneficial to all actors involved.

Time 10.15hrs Event Arrival of the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia (credentials – OPR) Venue San Anton Palace, Attard
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