The President of Malta

The President stresses the need for work to continue to promote the correct use of the Maltese language


President of Malta George Vella stressed the need for work to continue promoting the correct use of Malta’s national language. He was speaking during an event organised on the Maltese Language Academy Day, during which he presented the ‘Ġieħ l-Akkademja tal-Malti’ Gold Medal 2021 to Prof. Manwel Mifsud. This honour is given to those who distinguish themselves by working throughout their lives for the Maltese language and Maltese literature.

The President remarked that the work of Prof. Mifsud as a teacher of the dynamics of elements in the Maltese language adopted from other languages and of the historical morphology of the Maltese language should spur us on to do whatever it takes to cherish our language and use it appropriately. He recalled that Prof. Mifsud has made an important contribution, a clear example of how the work of a linguist like him can bear much desired fruit when it comes to the environments and places where language is used. His contribution can also be gathered in a long list in terms of popular creative expressions such as Maltese songs.

The President augured that work would continue so that this legacy will not only be a moment linked to the recognition of efforts already made with so much commitment, but also the starting point for a lasting commitment in favour of our language.

Among those who attended the event, held at Sant’Anton Palace under the distinguished patronage of the President and Mrs Vella, were members of the L-Akkademja tal-Malti as well as relatives and friends of Prof. Mifsud.

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