Mr Edgar Preca

Mr Edgar Preca was born in Valletta on 2 July 1956. He is the son of Francis Xavier Preca and Vinċenza neè Sammut.

He started his education at the Franciscan nuns at the Pilar School in Valletta and afterwards at the Baviera school.

He attended secondary school at the Lyceum in Ħamrun and then Sixth Form at the Upper Secondary School in Valletta.

Mr Edgar Preca

He is the youngest of 3 siblings. He has two older sisters, but he has always been the pillar of the family. He in fact took care of his mother throughout her life.  Mr Preca says that although he faced difficult periods in his life, he would not change a thing as all his experiences have led to a very fulfilling life.

On 6 February 1978, he started working as a clerk with Air Malta, the national airline company, and remained there till his retirement as Assistant Manager in January 2012.  Durig his career with Air Malta he worked in various departments and was also actively involved in trade unions. He in fact was the Air Malta workers’ representative within the General Workers Union.

Mr Edgar Preca met Notary Marie-Louise Coleiro during an activity at the General Workers Union in 2002.  They got married four years later, in 2006, and went to live in Ħal Balzan.  Since then, and especially following his retirement, he has helped and greatly supported his wife in her political career.

Mr Preca’s hobbies include gastronomy, photography and he also enjoyed reading international publications to keep up-to-date on current affairs and international politics.

In Mr Edgar Preca’s own words, anyone who is from Valletta, loves anything having to do with the capital city.  He enjoys football and is a great supporter of Valletta City Football Club, as well as the English football team, Manchester United.

The life of Edgar u Marie-Louise changed completely at the beginning of 2014.  It was precisely on Friday 4 April 2014, that Notary Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, following her appointment by the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat, was sworn in as the ninth President of the Republic of Malta.

Today, Mr Preca is heavily involved in philanthropic activities, something he relishes.  Among other commitments, Mr Edgar Preca is Deputy Chairperson of the Malta Community Chest Fund, as well as Patron of the Malta Hospice Movement.