The President of Malta

Two new judges take the oath of office


At the Valletta Presidential Palace, new judges Doreen Clarke and Josette Demicoli took the oath of office.

“In recent months, we have heard and talked a lot about the need for more resources in our courts and that a lot remains to be done to avoid delays and long procedures in the implementation of justice. I believe that what we are doing today is another step in the right direction to alleviate this problem,” said President of Malta George Vella, while presiding over the oath of office ceremony.

The President said that the people of Malta will be relying on their wisdom and understanding to continue to uphold the Constitution, the laws, as well as the interests of all.

While describing this occasion as very important for justice and for strengthening the rule of law in Malta, President Vella said that the two judges have a long and positive experience as magistrates.

“As female judges, you can be an example, a role model, for many girls and female students and an inspiration to them to take the same steps for a successful and valuable career for society, like you did,” stated the President while reminding them to always be guided by a sense of responsibility, professionalism, impartiality, and integrity.

The President encouraged Judges Doreen Clarke and Josette Demicoli to keep in mind that to the people they are an example of rightness, ethics, and honesty in their behaviour, everywhere, not only on the court bench.

Present for the oath of office ceremony were Prime Minister Robert Abela, Minister for Justice Jonathan Attard, State Advocate Chris Soler, and Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti.

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