The President of Malta


The third season of the popular programme Mill-Palazz will introduce us to the Valletta Palace or, as it is also known, the Presidential Palace. Through the history and stories told by the Palace itself, the programme Mill-Palazz, for the third year running, will take us back in time, share memories of visitors and travellers from times gone by and focus on stories and anecdotes that explain the history of the place from the times of the Order of St John to the British period on to modern times. The stories will also include events that took place in the surrounding squares and streets.

Through the innovative format of this production, it is the Palace itself that brings its own history to the people. The Palace narrates its past, salutes all those who visited it, and puts its cultural heritage on view.

This is an outreach media project using informal language and short, although informative and thoroughly researched, stories. Mill-Palazz is one of the many cultural projects and outreach programmes organized from time to time by the Office of the President, which also reflect President George Vella’s commitment to fostering more awareness, understanding and appreciation of Maltese culture and history. Maltese actor Ray Calleja is the voice of the Valletta Palace.

The third season of Mill-Palazz is spearheaded by the Office of the President in collaboration with the national television station. It is also carried out with the help of Heritage Malta, the National Library, and other entities. The concept and script of the programme were in the hands of Dr Sandro Debono, while the production and artistic direction were entrusted to Chantal Fenech from PBS.

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