The President of Malta

“We should be grateful to our country, but at the same time we must be committed to achieving excellence in the sector” – The President, while visiting the Malta Stock Exchange


During his first visit to the Malta Stock Exchange, the President of Malta George Vella described the work involved as very delicate and constantly under scrutiny.

The President explained that this place “reflects the economic state of the country, in the sense that companies are attracted because of trust, companies stay because they provide good service and even offer an opportunity to investors.”

He expressed his appreciation for the contribution of each worker within the Malta Stock Exchange. He explained that while we should be grateful for all that our country has given us, we should also be committed to achieving excellence in this sector.

The President also mentioned the importance of efficiency, the need for continuous professional development, and other qualities to continue to attract more investors to our country. He concluded by wishing even more success in this field.

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