The President of Malta

Iż-żjara tal-E.T. il-President ta’ Malta George Vella fil-fabbrika tat-Toly, 9 ta’ Ġunju 2021 (Diskors bl-Ingliż)


Mr Chairman and CEO, Mr Andy Gatesy
Members of the Staff

I am very pleased to be with you this morning and I thank you for the extensive tour of the premises, which was very informative.

This visit is taking place in very testing moments, as this Pandemic has taken its toll on practically all aspects of our lives.

This includes the manufacturing sector, and my visit here is also intended as a message of motivation and support to you all.

Let us keep positive now that vaccines have been identified and being made available, while remaining vigilant and cautious until such time that a sense of normality is regained, based on statistical and medical data.

I note with satisfaction that in spite of an understandable drop in income (putting on cosmetics and hiding them behind a face mask does not make sense), the determination of the management buoyed by the wage supplement scheme, has somehow kept business going.

My visit here further reinforces my belief that while Malta’s economy continues to evolve in the services and digital services domains – the days of manufacturing are far from numbered.

We cannot underestimate the strength of this sector, especially when we look at
exportation and employment figures.

In Malta’s case, I think the strength of the manufacturing sector in the 80 and 90s provided the necessary drive and international credentials to take the plunge into services.

Nowadays, for the sector to remain relevant and attractive, it needs to grow and evolve.

This is why the focussed placed by Toly on innovation is highly admirable.

The inauguration in 2014 of an innovation centre here in Bulebel was certainly a decisive step in the right direction. This, together with a drive for adaptability make Toly the success story it is today.

I complement you all – from top management to operators – on your achievements and continued efforts.

I find the origins and growth of the company as very inspiring.

Dr Zoli Gatesy, who must have been a humble but ambitious tool maker in Hungary, moved to the UK as a refugee. Fast forward one generation – and his creation has footholds across the globe, employs thousands of employees and is a global authority in its field of operations.

Very importantly for us here, Toly has consolidated Malta’s position on the map of international industry and business.
This does not happen per chance.

A combination of factors, from sound and European regulatory frameworks, functioning investment-oriented institutions, a strategic location, and above-all a well-prepared, hardworking workforce all provided fertile ground for excellent results.

It gives me great pride as President of Malta to listen to words of praise on the resilience and versatility of the Maltese workforce. In the same vein, I extend a word of welcome to the foreigners among you, at all levels, and hope they are all made to feel welcome here in Malta.

I wish to spare a word on the need for continued investment in the workforce – both Maltese and foreign – on the basis of equal access to opportunities and conditions.

One very motivating agent in your case at Toly would be employee mobility, including the possibility for training and work exposure in the different outposts, factories and sales offices.

There is literally a microcosm of internal opportunities for your staff, which should be fully availed of.

I once again thank all of you for hosting me and my team so warmly today and wish you every success in your future plans and endeavours.
Thank you.

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