The President of Malta

Kylie Grech winner of the Premju Ġwanni XXIII għat-Tjubija 2021


Kylie Grech, a student from St Benedict College, Kirkop Secondary School, is the winner of the Premju Papa Ġwanni XXIII għat-Tjubija 2021 organised by the Peace Lab.

Every day, this girl gives her support to her friend, Valentina Mifsud, who has communication challenges.

During the ceremony at Sant’Anton Palace, the President of Malta George Vella presented the medal to Kylie Grech.

“Kylie and Valentina showed us a kind of goodness that should serve as a lesson and example for all of us”, said President George Vella. In his speech, the President spoke about national unity and explained that this is also shown in small deeds such as those of Kylie and Valentina.

The President said that unity is not a choice but a need and explained how he firmly believes that it is the values of respect, empathy, and love that lead to unity.

The President thanked Father Dijonisju Mintoff who, for many years, on behalf of the Peace Lab, organises this award in memory of Pope John XXIII—the good Pope.

During the ceremony it was recounted how Kylie helped Valentina a lot, not only in academic subjects, but also helped Valentina expressing her thoughts. As a result, Valentina was filled with courage and more initiative than Kylie herself, and even during the Covid-19 pandemic, Valentina continued to develop relations with her friends.

For his part, Father Dijonisju Mintoff, Director of the Peace Lab, stressed the need for education so that children, from an early age, learn to be altruistic in their actions.

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