The President of Malta

-> Official Visit to the Central Bank of Malta

  1. I thank the Governor, Dr. Mario Vella for this invitation, and all of you, Central Bank officials, for the warm welcome extended to me.
  2. I have found the explanations about your work and the briefings given to me on the euro area, and the economic and financial sectors very interesting and in tune with today’s challenging realities.
  3. Your work at the central bank is of inestimable value to the country’s stability and growth. in more than one way too, this entity contributes to Europe’s own stability and growth.
  4. I am often asked by my foreign interlocutors on how Malta managed to weather the storm every time Europe faces a financial crisis – not to mention the constant instability in our southern neighbourhood.
  5. The answer lies in the diligence of your work – your projections and the pitfalls you identify and ultimately, successfully avoid. I commend you on your work, and urge you to keep the very good record maintained thus far.
  6. Aside from my appreciation of your daily duties, I am also here today to thank the Central Bank of Malta for issuing the fourth €2 commemorative coin under the ‘from children in solidarity’ programme. This exercise gave schoolchildren the chance to design the said coin, the proceeds of which will go to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.
  7. I also express my thanks to the central bank for the donation of €50,000, which represents the profit made from the sale of coin cards of the €2 commemorative coins with the theme ‘cultural heritage’ released in 2018.
  8. I reiterate my gratitude for these initiatives as this sort of tangible assistance helps in no small measure in addressing so many difficult, vulnerable scenarios around us.
  9. Furthermore, I know that the Central Bank will be particpating at the upcoming Fun Run on 24 Novemmber as well contributing to l-Istrina campaign. I heartily commend the social resposnibility that the bank carries so steadfastly year in, year out.

corporate social responsibility

    • gender equality
    • setting up of foundation for transparency and accountability.
  1. Before concluding, I wish to once again underline the value I attach to the work you all carry out and thank you for this, on behalf of the people of malta.

Thank you

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