The President of Malta

Speech for HE George Vella, President of Malta attending the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Association of International Women in Malta

President Lindsay Mann Ladies,

I am pleased to be here with you to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Association of International Women in Malta. The friendship and close networks established in the past years are a strong certificate in favour of your organization’s scope of bridging dialogue and facilitating the integration of foreign women into Maltese society, life and culture. There is always room for more integration in Maltese society and the assimilation of Maltese norms and values.

I realise that irrespective of how long one stays in a foreign country, one’s nationality and character persists. Organizations like your make life for foreigners in Malta easier by helping them to gradually assimilate the local character and bridge the differences towards a more homogeneous texture in society.

The Association has now established itself as an important diverse platform of proactive friends geared to provide women with an important hub to develop and appreciate inter- cultural dialogue and friendship.

Your commitment to be leading actors is a strong certificate of the organization’s long term vision that a celebration of diversity acts as a catalyst for increased understanding, unity and peace.

Furthermore, you also proactively support local charities and are avid contributors to the well- being of the Maltese people. I must say that your contribution to my country is very impressive and should be commended.

One of my key responsibilities, besides promoting unity, security and stability in our society, is the promotion of the well-being of society and to provide assistance, via the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, to those most in need. Malta’s economic performance is impressive. However, let us not be misled by this and realise that there are still amongst us people who for various reasons, not necessarily through their fault, end up in very unfavourable economic and social circumstances.

Beyond the social welfare provided by government, the work carried out in the past years by the Malta Community Chest Fund contributed to further promote a society of inclusivity and well-being. This is an additional certificate of Malta’s core belief that no one should be left behind and those in need should be given a helping hand.

In the year 2018, the MCCFF provided assistance to over five thousand individuals Maltese and foreigners, and organized numerous cultural, artistic and educational events. Funds by the MCCFF are distributed to provide a diverse number of services to those in need. Overall, the system promotes a holistic approach to care. This costs well over a million Euro a month.

The MCCFF was instrumental in supporting people in need of extra medicinal expenses and social care beyond that supplied by the welfare system in Malta and was also central to assist people in need of overseas medical treatment. The Malta Community Chest Fund is also active in many other sectors. In fact, these funds contributed to provide people with the opportunity to live more independent life-styles and enjoy better living conditions especially when circumstances drag them down and quality of life deteriorates.

I therefore, appeal for your generosity and invite you to keep contact with my office for any future collaboration.

Without prolonging further, I augur you success for the coming 50 years and to continue to be an important hub for dialogue and mutual respect.

Thank you

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