The President of Malta

“The gift of hope and life to patients” – the President on blood donation


President George Vella thanked all blood donors who, during the pandemic, continued to recognise the importance of their gesture, despite going through a period of uncertainty and despair.

During the ceremony honouring blood donors, the President described the gesture as “the gift of hope and life to patients in need of blood and to their families.” The President stated that he is proud that our country has a large number of regular donors who do not wait for appeals to donate blood, but voluntarily go to the National Blood Transfusion Centre. Considering this, the President urged the thousands of patients who receive blood every year in the hospitals of Malta and Gozo to send a message of thanks to blood donors through a card, which they can send to the Blood Donation Centre. This gesture will make donors feel appreciated and filled with renewed courage and greater determination to donate blood whenever they can, and encourage others to do the same, the President said.

President Vella noted that most of the blood is used for certain medical conditions, operations and in case of accidents. He said that unfortunately many deaths and road accidents have occurred this year and called for more self-discipline from all road users. Accidents have an impact on blood reserves, and it is not the first time that due to low reserves some patients, particularly cancer patients, are made to wait a few days before receiving the much-needed blood transfusion, added President Vella.

“Giving blood and its products is a gesture of solidarity that saves lives. Therefore, having a service that provides safe blood and blood products is essential for any healthcare system”, said the President. While acknowledging the invaluable work done at the National Blood Transfusion Centre, which provides a continuous and professional service, the President appealed to all healthy people to visit the Centre and become regular donors.

During the ceremony at the Verdala Palace, recognition was given to men who donated at least 100 blood donations and women who donated at least 50 blood donations.

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