The President of Malta

The President emphasizes the value of loyalty towards the service and customers within the Public Service


President of Malta George Vella said that through the Public Service ‘infrastructure’, our country has always achieved its local goals and it also found its place on the global scene, despite its small size.

During the Public Service Awards Ceremony, part of Public Service Week, President Vella referred to Pope Francis’ visit to Malta, which he described as a success from an organisational perspective, thanks to the thoroughness and detail of the Public Service and the officials involved. “You honoured Malta. The whole world was looking at Malta in those days. A big well done”, said the President.

President Vella remarked that the new Public Service strategy has several values at its core, such as integrity and impartiality, and stressed on the value of loyalty towards the service and customers, explaining that this does not mean saying yes to everything and agreeing with every decision. “This often means the opposite – that you share your informed opinion and thought, even if you know that it will not go down well with your superiors or those around you.” The President added that it is crucial for the Public Service to continue to take care of its employees by allowing flexibility through work-life balance measures, and protecting, as much as possible, the interests of employees experiencing challenges such as physical or psychological illness, or even unprecedented economic hardship. Referring to the initiative launched by the Office of the Permanent Secretary, ‘X’Tixtieq issir la Tikber?’, the President said that children should be given a sense of appreciation for all their work because everyone has a role and place in society.

While thanking the Public Service workers for their discipline and work during the Covid-19 pandemic, the President reminded them of the serious impact of the war in Ukraine on the global community. “This turmoil requires sound planning and vision from all of you in the Public Service, everyone according to your field and responsibilities, to avoid or reduce as much as possible the burden on individuals and families”, said the President.

President Vella congratulated the officials who received awards and appealed to them to lead those around them by example, and to make a positive impact, both professionally and personally, on their colleagues.

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