The President of Malta

The President participates in the Jewish community’s Hanukkah Festival


President of Malta, George Vella, addressed the 10th Hannukah, the Jewish festival of light, to be celebrated by the Chabad of Malta Foundation in Valletta. The annual event, which was led by Rabbi Chaim Segal, culminated in the traditional lighting of the menorah.

“On behalf of the people of Malta, I join you, dear members of the Jewish community in Malta and foreigners among us, in lighting up the menorah, and through its light, reflected in the streets of Valletta, spread symbolic rays of health, peace and stability for all the peoples across the globe,” President Vella told the crowd gathered at City Gate.

Pointing out that, in celebrations like Hanukkah, we reaffirm our shared beliefs in the importance of facilitating inter-religious dialogue and the promotion of a culture of tolerance and peace, the President said that dialogue between people of different religious beliefs and respect for different creeds are an expression of our shared commitment to promote a world guided by the universal principles of compassion and fraternity, and political and economic systems grounded in sustainability and respect for human rights. 

“I strongly believe that education is key to ensure that the wrongdoings of the past do not translate into injustices and human rights abuses of today and tomorrow. By education, I mean a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, including a strong element of civic, humanitarian, and environmental consciousness,” said the President. “Our planet is our only home. All the people, irrespective of race, geographical location, religious denomination, or political status, are part of this big human family. The well-being and survival of our natural resources and the preservation of our common heritage are interlinked to our committed approach to respecting life and human dignity. These are the spark and the flame that light and guide us through these testing times. Let us come together to celebrate our diversity and combine our forces for a more just and peaceful world.”

Also present for the ceremony were Owen Bonnici, Minister for Equality, Research, and Innovation; Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs; David Agius, Deputy Leader of the Partit Nazzjonalista; Agnès Von Der Mühll, Ambassador of the French Republic; Gwendolyn Green, Chargé d’Affaires of the United States Embassy in Malta; as well as members of the Chabad of Malta Foundation and the Jewish community in Malta. 

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