The President of Malta

“Victims of addiction also have a place in society” – The President of Malta


During a conference with the theme “Ix-xogħol…u l-addiction?” organised by the OASI Foundation in collaboration with the Northern Region Council, the President of Malta noted that the work of the OASI Foundation goes beyond its original role as a rehabilitation centre.

He explained that through its work, the foundation spurs dialogue on a social phenomenon considered, until recently, taboo and brings together various professionals united by one goal: the welfare of society.

In his speech at this conference, the President stated that he firmly believes that no one should be denied access to vocational training and decent employment opportunities.

He emphasised that the role of employers, along with other professionals, is crucial to move towards a fairer society. Above all, added the President, we must offer sympathy and compassion to victims of addiction. He also stated that empathy and mutual respect are important tools in combating the stigma attached to addiction.

The President added that each case should be dealt with individually and reiterated his message in favour of an inclusive society that is ready to understand, empathise and include, rather than stifle and overwhelm, people experiencing addiction-related challenges.

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