The President of Malta

“We must promote our love for the sea but we cannot ignore what is happening on land” – The President of Malta


During an activity related to the CORALLO project at Sant’Anton Palace, President of Malta George Vella expressed his satisfaction with the work done to raise awareness about our country’s natural and historical heritage. In his speech, he said that “While promoting all this love for the things related to the sea, we cannot allow our land to be eroded, abused, destroyed.”

He explained that if we are not careful, the sea will suffer the same faith suffered by the land over the years, and this can also happen to sites within conservation areas. Moreover, the President spoke about the importance of further assessing the riches endowing our country. He said that what happens to the environment around us is intrinsically linked to life itself.

The President described the CORALLO project as a new niche through which a new attraction could be created, both for the people of Malta and Gozo and for tourists. He stated the importance of not only seeing what is happening to the environment around us but also ensuring the functioning of educational tools.

The President added that if we do not invest in future generations, we can easily lose what we already have in our country.

He concluded by thanking the Malta Environment and Resources Authority, the University of Malta, as well as Heritage Malta who are collaborating on this project.

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