The President of Malta

Diskors mill-ET George Vella, President ta’ Malta fir 4 Anniversarju ta’ Malta Malayalee Association, 21 ta’ Mejju 2022, (Diskors bl-Ingliż)

Your Excellency Sangeetha Bahadur, High Commissioner of India

Ms. Sanjolucy Leela, President of MMA

Distinguished guests

Thank you for inviting me with my wife to celebrate with you the 4th anniversary of the establishment of the Malta Malayalee Association in Malta. In reality, this is a celebration of your successes. A celebration of the hard work and also of your determination to live and work in Malta. Not only that, but it is also celebrating the establishment of new bridges between our respective cultures and traditions, between countries so far apart and so different in size. Keep in mind that Malta is only 500,000 people, India is 1.4 billion people.

I take the opportunity also to thank Ms. Leela and her team for gathering us here today and for their incessant work to be of service to the community. Your presence and humanitarian mission of providing respite and care to those most in need are admirable. This reflects our shared values of empathy, solidarity, and humanity. Even today, an opportunity of festivity is being linked with a philanthropic mission of helping children through Maratona Missjoni. I, therefore, take the opportunity to thank you for your humanitarian endeavors and augur more groups to follow in your footsteps, while congratulating you on your noble aims.

Dear members of the Malayalee community in Malta,

During a courtesy call on me by the founders of the Association some time ago, I had the opportunity to learn more about the sizable community here in Malta of people originating from the Southern State of Kerala in India. The different number of professionals ranging from health care to engineering are testimony to the community’s diverse professional portfolio and different work opportunities that are being offered by Malta. As a small country in the Euro-Mediterranean region embracing different cultures and traditions, I am proud that here in Malta you have found a welcoming home and work opportunities that could make your life better.

Our respective countries, both from a geographical and geostrategic perspective represent two worlds apart. Nonetheless, during events such as this one, united under one roof, we come together as one family. We are proud to offer an environment, which while providing us with your professional services, you feel appreciated, you enjoy security and you are respected.

We share a common vision of promoting dialogue, inclusion and more just societies. Through this rich cultural program and humanitarian mission, the Malayalee Association is an excellent example of active inter-cultural dialogue. I am therefore confident that your presence and work in Malta will continue to act as a beacon of hope for the hundreds of Indian migrants residing in Malta, but also to others benefiting from your generous events and outreach programs.

May your organization be a model for other national groups here in Malta.

Throughout the year my Office organizes numerous events aimed at providing assistance to those most in need, particularly those in need of medical care and expensive treatments. I take the liberty to invite you to participate in philanthropic events organised by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, and to join the Maltese community in a spirit of solidarity and brotherhood.

Dear friends,

In conclusion, I wish to extend my gratitude to the musicians and dancers which are with us today. I also thank the team at the Malta Malayalee Association and all the invited guests.

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