The President of Malta

President calls for mutual respect despite our differences


President of Malta, George Vella, took the opportunity at an annual event in Naxxar, bringing together all local organisations, to launch another strong appeal in favour of more unity in the country and to call for mutual respect despite the differences that exist and will continue to exist between us.

Every year, on the Sunday before the Feast of Our Lady of Victory, the local council and all clubs and associations in Naxxar come together to present the President of Malta with their donations in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. The event takes place by rotation at the premises of one of the organisations, and this year it was the turn of the Labour Party club.

“Being here, at a political party club, and seeing the wide range of opinions, even of those of a different political view, is very satisfying. This is what we need in this country: we can disagree, but we can also respect each other. You, the people of Naxxar, have conveyed this message that, despite your differences and different opinions, it is possible to unite on something that is so common, the need to help a common cause, in this case the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation”, stated the President.

President Vella criticised the current trend of insulting each other online and making allegations in the hope that something sticks. “That is not politics. We are civilised enough, capable enough, we have enough material, to act as civilised people. We must not depart with the mentality that everyone is corrupt, that no-one is capable, that everyone is bought, that everyone is a string puppet. So, is integrity a thing of the past? There is this air that is bad, a sick air, that we can no longer work in.” He also warned that this situation is exasperating those who are trying to work, honestly and sincerely, to try to bring unity and to move forward while discouraging youths from being interested in an active role in politics. “Being so small, if we are divided, our strength will fade away. Aside from the fact that the more we fail to value ourselves, the less and less respect we get from those looking at us form the outside”, said the President.

While thanking the people of Naxxar for their generosity towards the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation, the President pointed out that the foundation helps anyone who needs it, irrespective of their beliefs, and is committed to making their life less difficult. He said this was another difficult year for the foundation because, while costs continued soaring, revenues have decreased due to anti-COVID-19 restrictions. He urged other local councils to follow the example of the Naxxar Council, not only in raising funds for those in need but also to convey a message of unity.

In Naxxar, the President – who was accompanied by Mrs Vella and the Chairperson of the Administrative Board of the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation Marlene Mizzi – was welcomed by Anna Marie Muscat Fenech Adami, Mayor of Naxxar, and Duminku Chircop, President of the Labour Party club.

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