The President of Malta

The President expresses his appreciation for the environmental awareness shown by the company Maypole in its operations


During a visit to the company Maypole, President George Vella expressed his satisfaction for the importance given to environmental protection.

An awareness that, in the words of the President, is clearly seen in both its operations and the final products purchased by consumers.

The President noted that there are three main ingredients that make this Maltese business a success. These are the importance of keeping the business abreast of developments in technology and the demands of the people, respecting its Maltese and foreign employees, as well as maintaining a high level of operations.

President Vella also noted how the same company is helping through social responsibility projects and thanked them for the donation made in aid of The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

He greeted the company’s 400 employees and encouraged them to continue investing in skills and ongoing training.

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