The President of Malta

The President of Malta and Mrs Vella visit Maltese patients receiving treatment in London


48 Maltese patients are currently being treated in various specialised hospitals in London. President of Malta George Vella and Mrs Miriam Vella visited some of the Maltese patients and had meetings with professionals following the cases of these patients. President Vella said that the main objective of this visit is to be close to the patients and their families at such a difficult moment in their lives.

Accompanied by Mr John Huber, Chairman of the Board of Administrators of the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF), the President and Mrs Vella visited Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, which specialises in children’s care, Royal Marsden in Sutton, which is one of the leading cancer treatment centres in the world, and the Gynaecology Oncology Department at the Royal London Hospital.

This year, 76 children from Malta were admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Four children are currently being treated there, the youngest of whom a baby a few months old. Meanwhile, since January, 67 patients from Malta have gone to Sutton for treatment at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

President Vella also had meetings with doctors and consultants in London, many of whom are treating Maltese patients. “I enjoy hearing that they provide this service with love. Most of them get to know Malta well and keep in constant contact with consultants in Malta”, said the President.

In London, the President and Mrs Vella met with patients and their relatives residing at the apartments of the Puttinu Cares Foundation in Sutton and at the residence of the Franciscan Sisters. Mr John Huber explained that the MCCF helps these families with the costs, among others, of transportation, accommodation, food, and the daily basic needs of the relative accompanying the patient.

The MCCF’s costs continue to rise, mainly due to oncology medicine prices. President Vella said that more than 80% of the MCCF’s costs are linked to these specialised medicines. “These are the latest ones on the market, the most expensive and of course, individuals cannot afford to buy them. We do our utmost to help them. It doesn’t even cross my mind to tell someone we do not have the resources to help you,” said the President while reiterating the appeal to the people to continue helping the MCCF.

On Boxing Day, the 27th edition of L-Istrina will be held to raise funds for the MCCF.

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