The President of Malta

The President presents certificates of commission to 56 new commissioned officers within the Armed Forces of Malta


President of Malta George Vella presented certificates of commission to 56 new commissioned officers within the Armed Forces of Malta during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Valletta.

The President congratulated them on this advancement in their careers and encouraged them to continue investing in their professional careers. He mentioned several instances when the contribution of the Armed Forces was very fundamental to our country and expressed his appreciation for the dedication, the continuous preparations, and the great efforts they make every day in their role as “guardians of defence and maintaining the sovereignty of our country, both in times of crisis and in times of peace”. He especially praised the work of those working in sensitive areas such as the airport, the protection of Maltese territorial waters, airspace surveillance, search and rescue operations, bomb disposal, and missions abroad.

The President also expressed his appreciation for the work and participation of the army in the fight against the silent and destructive virus of Covid-19, which has affected not only the people of Malta people but the international community as a whole. He referred to the important role played by the army in the distribution of food and supplies to the vulnerable and the opening of a vaccination centre for frontliners and essential workers amid the pandemic. He also thanked the Armed Forces for their continuous support in activities related to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

While congratulating the new commissioned officers and their families, the President reminded them of their duties to the country and to the Force itself and urged them to be honest and exemplary, both in the performance of their duties as well as in their personal lives.

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