The President of Malta

The President thanks Caritas Malta for their work with the San Blas residents


President of Malta George Vella thanked the staff of Caritas Malta, who are providing a ‘toolbox’ to the residents who are following a drug rehabilitation programme in San Blas.

Accompanied by Mrs Vella, President Vella visited Caritas Malta’s residence in San Blas, where he met with 45 residents who are currently following one of the three programmes offered by Caritas Malta at this residence. In his comments at the end of the visit, after listening to the experiences of some of the residents, the President said that every time he visits the facilities run by Caritas Malta, he is amazed by the services offered, but above all by the love given to individuals. He explained that, through this love, Caritas Malta is helping individuals regain the esteem and respect they have lost due to the problems they are facing and their addiction. “Helping them in rebuilding their self-respect is important in helping them to recover,” added the President.

Referring to the meeting with the residents following the programme, President Vella remarked that, as they themselves said, they can look to the future with confidence. The President concluded that all those following one of the programmes offered in San Blas will ultimately be able to gain self-respect, and also be equipped with the required tools to fight the difficulties they will face in their life after completing the programme.

The President and Mrs Vella visited the residences where men and women are following a separate residential programme and a shelter where men are following a six-week programme before starting the residential programme.

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