The President of Malta

The President visits the Malta Chamber


President George Vella visited the Malta Chamber this morning where he was welcomed by the President of the Chamber Marisa Xuereb and CEO Marthese Portelli. 

During his visit, President Vella held talks with representatives of the Chamber on several topics and areas related to the commercial sector of our country. At the forefront was the impact of COVID-19 on the Maltese economy and the long-term consequences brought about by the global pandemic. Furthemore, the international transport, and energy supply and price sectors, in light of the latest developments and turmoil on the global stage, were also discussed.

Talks also addressed the role of education in economic growth and how this area directly affects the trade and investment sectors. Other topics addressed were the development and protection of the environment, the media, reforms already implemented and others that are being worked on. Among other things, reference was made to recent changes in relation to the appointment of Constitutional posts as well as the Constitutional Reform.

In comments following his visit, President George Vella thanked the Malta Chamber for its professional and measured way of submitting suggestions and proposals. He added that in difficult circumstances such as those caused by the pandemic, the Malta Chamber has the necessary skills and tools to continue to make a tangible contribution to strengthening the country.

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