The President of Malta

The President commends the 5th edition of ‘Tallinja għal L-Istrina’ as an excellent example of corporate social responsibility


President of Malta, George Vella, addressed the launch of the fifth edition of the ‘Tallinja għal L-Istrina’, an initiative organised by Malta Public Transport, whereby all fares from personalised tallinja cards and cash tickets collected on Saturday 18th December 2021 will be donated to L-Istrina and the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF).

Since 2016, this initiative has raised over €140,000 in funds, resulting in a donation of around €35,000 each year. Based on current passenger numbers, projections indicate that this year’s donation will be between €35,000 and €40,000. The final donation will be presented by company representatives during the L-Istrina telethon that takes place on the 26th of December. 

In his speech, the President expressed his gratitude to the management and employees of Malta Public Transport for joining in on this noble mission and serving as an excellent example of how social responsibility promotes and upholds the wellbeing of everyone around us. He pointed out that, every year, the MCCFF supports numerous individuals and entities to improve the health, quality of life, and well-being of people from all walks of life in their time of need. 

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